Our Vision

An action or a process only ever happens once

Real Time

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Real-time transfer of data, documents, value across the entire supply chain


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All interactions can be completed on a mobile platform with full customer analytics
Everybody transacts with complete surety across data and processes
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The Benefits of Blocksure OS

Turn unreliable, slow, expensive processes into real-time, seamless flows of data, documentation and value



Data quality and security

Digitally secure identity

Consistent and immutable

No re-keying of data across value chain

Accurate management information



Reduce back-office costs by up to 90%

Removes or automates processes

No need for bordereau, cash reconciliation and credit control

Premium allocation, FNOL, and claim file makeup – all automated



Transaction speed increased from months to just seconds

Real-time data sharing across all parties

Customers, brokers and insurers can transact on the go

Everyone in sync



Improved governance of transactions and regulatory requirements

Full auditability of all transaction events

Reduced burden on insurers and brokers, e.g. automated client money management

Read our case studies on schemes (contents insurance) and also microinsurance.

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What is Blocksure OS?

A game-changing insurance platform with these benefits:

Increased gross margin

Enjoy an increased gross margin thanks to lower costs. Commercial & General, a brokerage, stated that their products on Blocksure OS have 90% lower back-office costs.

Rapidly launch innovative products

Bring your new insurance product to market within one week.

Delight your customers

Your customer can have a mobile-first experience, with quotes, purchases, and claims all administered digitally.

Process Removal or Automation


  • Lower premiums
  • On demand
  • Data autonomy


  • No bordereau production
  • Payment automation
  • Compliance requirements built-in


  • No reconciliation
  • Premium allocation
  • Automated binder reporting


  • FNOL automation
  • Real-time data
  • No duplicate data entry

Insurance technology that puts customers at the heart of the process and connects everyone across the supply chain in real-time

Customer focused with our partners Customer focused with our partners

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