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Microinsurance is the provision of insurance to low-income people in developing economies.

Microinsurance research shows that more than 500 million microinsurance policies have been sold in the past decade. It is further predicted that number of policies will grow to 1,500 million by 2025 with total premiums of US $13 billion. While this growth is encouraging, it still leaves a large portion of the estimated 4 billion consumers globally still unserved.

In a complex, intermediated ecosystem the insurers incur significant cost associated with distribution and administration of insurance, the collection of policyholders’ information and the assessment and payment of claims. Administration cost is a fundamental barrier, yet not the only, challenge for offering microinsurance.


Blocksure OS responded to the market needs. It is a blockchain-based insurance platform, which thanks to the trusted immutable record capturing on blockchain combined with real-time payments removed a need for manual processing, making the whole value chain efficient.


Thanks to Blocksure technology, policies can be sold between $2 to $10 with a back-office processing cost per policy of less than $0.50.

In contrast, such policies cannot be brought to market on the data silos created by traditional insurance software (due largely to back-office inefficiencies), as they lead to costs per policy that are substantially greater than the money received for the premium. With traditional insurance software, that would mean making an instant loss on every sale!

Further insight is provided the recording of our presentation from CordaCon 2019:


Being able to offer microinsurance means that over four billion of uninsured will have access to a basic protection.

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