On-Demand Insurance or Gig Economy

On-Demand Insurance or Gig Economy Scroll Down


Annual insurance policies are not always appropriate.

Consumers are demanding flexibility in the duration of their insurance cover.


Blocksure’s blockchain-based insurance platform, which thanks to the trusted immutable record capturing on blockchain combined with real-time payments removed a need for manual processing, making the whole value chain efficient.

Due to these efficiencies, Blocksure OS enables profitable insurance products to be designed for any time duration:
Just an hour of insurance,
Up to a year of insurance.

For example, this allows for flexibility in driving and borrowing vehicles, without having to pay for annual insurance policies.

This does not affect primary insured’s insurance if the individual borrowing the car has an accident.


It results in a more efficient scenario to the policyholder.

Another result is product innovation, it opens up new revenue opportunities: an example is for owners of supercars to commercially lend vehicles for hourly use, via a product powered by Blocksure OS.

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